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The Librarian - Basic Balloon Sculpture

Party time! "Tying the knot", balloon dogs, trippy twistys, head-wraps, games and inflatable decor. Third print, 1987.

$ 20.00

The Librarian - Collecting Fans

History of hand fans, from Ancient Egypt to Elizabethan England to the 1970s.

$ 48.00

The Librarian - Jazzdans

Rare Swedish book on the history of jazz dancing and technique, from minstrel shows to performance art. 1st edition, 1975.

$ 40.00

The Librarian - Norman Parkinson

The history of chic from the roaring 20's to the disco 70's thru Parkinson's lens. Models (Iman, Twiggy, Jerry Hall!) Stars (Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren!) + Designers (Ossie Clark, YSL, Chanel, Krizia...)

$ 70.00

The Librarian - The Lavender Screen

Study of the origins and evolution of mainstream films with gay storylines or characters, from the 1930's -1990's with great rare photos. 1993, 1st SC.

$ 48.00

The Librarian - The Queen of the Damned

3rd Volume of the Vampire Chronicles, wherein a Peter Murphy-esque vampire rock star (Lestat De Lioncourt) encounters Egyptian Queen, Akasha. Written and set in New Orleans. 1988, 1st Edition.

$ 38.00

The Librarian - The Rose

The evolution of the enigmatic rose, with growing tips and many kitschy color photos. 1965.

$ 55.00