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Moroccan Black Soap is a key part of the traditional hammam ritual. It is the only soap that doesn’t have lye, which is why it’s not in a solid form. It is a plant-based paste with a butter-like texture made with black olives and is super rich in Vitamin

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A little goes a LONG way: Use a pea size in the shower and massage yourself mindfully and with love from head to toe (avoid eyes and private parts). To exfoliate, leave it on your skin for 8-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then use an exfoliating glove or a washcloth to remove any excess dead skin.

Use daily, and once a week your skin will be ready for exfoliation—trust me, you’ll feel it!
Say "I love you" to yourself as you massage yourself in the shower.

Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Macerated Olives, Orange Blossom Essential Oil. (2oz)

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