Open House Attache Ring

Hand carved ring made with sterling silver with a bronze hanging loop.

$ 193.00

Open House Beau Earrings

Brass lightweight dangle earrings with Silver Closure. Made by hand in New York with certified recycled metals. Sold as pair. 1.5 inches in length.

$ 216.00

Open House Face Bracelet - Silver

Sterling silver bangle with hand carved face. Measures 8.5" around.

$ 280.00

Open House Fille Earrings - Silver

Thin, flat face in profile. Hand-carved in sterling silver. Silver posts. 1.5" x .5".

$ 255.00

Open House Levee Necklace - Yellow

Sliding levee necklace on yellow leather cord. 17" with silver clasps.

$ 179.00 $ 125.00

Open House Pear Necklace

Lovely pear necklace - brass with sterling silver chain. Pendant measures 1.5" in length and .5" in width and largest point. Hangs 9.5" from nape of neck.

$ 295.00

Open House Scallop Earrings

Bronze scallops hang 1" off a silver post.

$ 202.00

Open House Star Ring

Sterling silver ring with a brass inlaid star.

$ 193.00

Open House Sunrise Necklace

Hand carved bronze sunrise pendant on an 18" sterling silver box chain.

$ 179.00