Freda stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the fight against systemic racism, white supremacy and policy brutality. We will continue to put our words into tangible action. We face uncertain times when it comes to our small business, however, adding more BIPOC artists and makers to our roster is at the forefront of our plan. We have taken the 15 percent pledge and it is our goal to achieve it and then some in a years time as we come out of this pandemic. We will also be making a monthly contribution to several of the organizations listed below and will use our platform to continue to share information on ways to help bring about reform in our communities. 

Be a loud, unapologetic voice against racism & violence towards black people. We will keep shouting this! And doing our part to bring about change with the abilities that we have. Below is a resource list of different organizations to look into and get involved. 

Black Lives Matter

Color of Change

Movement For Black Lives


Southern Poverty Law Center

Innocence Project

15 Percent Pledge

Women With A Vision New Orleans

New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund

Bail Project

The Loveland Foundation