Hansel From Basel- Waffles Crew

Hansel from Basel premium wool, classic waffle stitch crew socks in persimmon with a ribbed cuff.

$ 26.00

Hansel From Basel- Nori Crew

Pale lavender socks with little charcoal fuzzies. :)

$ 14.00

Hansel From Basel-Marrakech Crew

Imagine a stroll through the Majorelle gardens as you put on these cozy socks with a pair of our No. 6 clogs this fall...

$ 30.00

Hansel From Basel- Lava Shimmer Crew

60's mod shimmer socks to make all your groovy dreams come true.

$ 30.00

Hansel From Basel- Junco Crew

Take a walk through Audobon Park in your Junco socks!

$ 14.00

Hansel From Basel- Dapple Crew

Pale pink version of our annual dapple crew sock.

$ 26.00

Hansel From Basel- Caterpillar Fringe Crew

These fuzzy caterpillar like socks are slinking their way into our hearts.

$ 30.00

Clyde Gambler Hat w/ Neck Scarf - Black

Gambler hat with removable neckshade in black.

$ 296.00

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