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We’re peddlers of keepsakes with items ranging from scented oils and incense matches to unique adornments and ceramics. We come from a place where Yucca plants outnumber people and the black top races the horizon. We’re interested in dream interpretations, one of a kind jewels and found treasures. Our friends are creators of all kinds, from all places. We support their arts by sharing them with you.


We’re a small shop under a big sky. Inside you’ll find 180 square feet of jewelry, found objects, vintage clothing and a record playing in the corner. Our space is close-knit just like the town it inhabits.


Our second location lives in New Orleans. With help from our friends at Garza Marfa, we brought our lil' shop to the Big Easy with handwoven tapestries, Louisiana’s own cypress wood and some antique pieces to create a home away from home. We have an array of clothing, shelves of apothecary remedies, first editions, locally made items, and postcards to send home.


Our online shop is a collection of some of our favorite things. We carry items made by independent designers and friends with an eye for what they do. We’re always looking for new shapes to take and similar spirits to befriend. We're inspired by the tangerine sun that rises over our little shop in Marfa and the parades that roll past our windows in New Orleans.


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724 Washington Ave.

New Orleans, LA 70130


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[email protected]