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The Librarian - Cabaret Berlin

The beautiful & the damned of 20's Berlin nightlife: Marlene Dietrich, authors, feathers, foppery and seduction during a dark era. What good is sitting alone in your room... First Edition 2005.

$ 100.00

The Librarian - Fredericks of Hollywood 1947-1973

Collection of cartoonishly sexy catalogs, feat. vintage lingerie styles spanning "26 years of mail order seduction." Gaudy and great! First edition, rare. 1973.

$ 80.00

The Librarian- Collecting Fans

History of hand fans, from Ancient Egypt to Elizabethan England to the 1970s.

$ 48.00

The Librarian - Vargas 1978

Illustrator of history's most decadently luscious & glam pin-ups and film posters. Foreword by Hugh Hefner. First edtion.

$ 44.00

The Librarian Pueblo Weaving and Textile Arts

Beautifully detailed textile crafts via weaving, embroidery, beading, etc created by the Pueblo Indians who were teachers of the Navajo. First edition, 1978.

$ 28.00

The Librarian - Ziegfeld Follies Paper Dolls 1985

Feathers, baubles, rhinestones and glam galore on fantasy paper costumes for Ziegfeld Girls from 1907-1957. First Edition 1985.

$ 25.00

The Librarian - Basic Balloon Sculpture

Party time! "Tying the knot", balloon dogs, trippy twistys, head-wraps, games and inflatable decor. Third print, 1987.

$ 20.00