Peppercotton Capri Knot (navy)

Long strand of dark blue Swarovski crystals in knotted mesh.

$ 680.00

Peppercotton Maui Bracelet (also can be extender)

Gorgeous thick Swarovski bracelet. Can also be worn as necklace extender with your favorite Peppercotton Necklace.

$ 196.00

Peppercotton Rainbow Gradient Strand 35"

Versatile, exciting piece of jewelry! Can be worn as one long strand or layered. 35" in length.

$ 395.00

Peppercotton Rainbow Gradient Strand 15"

15" rainbow gradient necklace. Swarovski crystals inside mesh tubing with clasp.

$ 285.00

Peppercotton Silver Choker Necklace

15" choker chain with silver Swarovski crystals in net tubing.

$ 250.00